This Artificial Intelligence Customer Service Tracks Emotions

 - Nov 18, 2014
References: ipsoft & springwise
This artificial intelligence customer service tool reads emotions to better respond to customer demands. IPsoft's Amelia is an AI agent that detects human moods.

Amelia is able to read the natural language of business manuals and the customer seeking support. In addition to tracking mood and contextual data, the artificial intelligence customer service can also search the web to help answer requests. If a customer is unhappy, Amelia can offer support catered to the situation and offer more reassurance to help customers end calls feeling more satisfied. In situations that are unresolved, Amelia can transfer the call to a human. As all previous communication is stored, Amelia can also reference past conversations.

This form of artificial intelligence makes customer service feel more personalized and comes closer to emulating real face-to-face interactions.