From Virtual Wedding Ceremonies to On-Demand Interactive Events

 - Apr 22, 2015
These custom online experiences range from web gaming communities to digital flagship boutiques that offer a bespoke clothing service. As consumers need for customization increases, retailers are focusing on personalized features and are saying goodbye to mass-produced goods.

Standouts from this list include an on-demand streaming service for interactive music and tech festival South by Southwest along with IKEA's recently introduced virtual wedding platform. While SXSW draws in countless visitors each year, those who can't attend the festival can now enjoy all it has to offer online. The SXSW streaming service features on-demand and experiential event coverage, giving users access to live music performances, keynotes and innovative product launches.

When it comes to IKEA's virtual wedding service, the lifestyle retailer borrows from the gaming community and lets users wed online with the help of a personalized avatar. The service offers custom venue and decor options and lets users hand-pick the virtual wedding party that will attend their commitment ceremony.