The LAY’S Summer Days Campaign Let Consumers Personalize Their Chips

This past summer, Frito Lay experimented with personalized packaging in the form of its 'LAY’S Summer Days' campaign. Similar to Coca-Cola’s popular 'Share a Coke' campaign, the new LAY'S promotion gave consumers the opportunity to purchase a personalized product.

The LAY’S Summer Days campaign involved giving consumers the opportunity to create a personalized bag of chips with a photo of their favorite summer moment. To customize their bag, consumers had to log on to the brand's website and use the LAY’S Summer Bag Creator. The interactive tool allowed consumers to upload a memorable summer photo and add a custom caption. LAY'S then produced 10,000 of these personally customized bags for consumers. The idea behind the campaign was that consumers would be able to savor their favorite summer moments while enjoying their favorite snack food.

The promotion demonstrates how companies can encourage brand interaction through personalization.