From Portable Vegetable Cups to Personalized Valentine's Ice Creams

 - Mar 20, 2016
From portable vegetable cups that facilitate on-the-go snacking to Valentine's Day ice creams with personalized labels, the March 2016 food trends reveal a shift in how popular food products are packaged.

One of the biggest changes in food packaging is the emphasis on portability. Both millennials and boomers are increasingly eating on the go, causing a significant demand for products that can be consumed on the run. Some examples of portable food products include Evol's single-serve Veggie Cups, Walkers Tear 'n' Share potato chip bags and Steve's Paleogoods' all-in-one breakfast bars.

The March 2016 food trends also reveal a growing emphasis on personalization. For example, Tesco Ireland teamed up with Haagen Dasz to help consumers create custom ice cream tubs for Valentine's Day. LAY'S also launched a similar promotion that gave consumers the opportunity to create a chip bag with a picture of their favorite summer memory.