The Shack is a Rustic Wild Seafood Eatery in Yerevan

 - Feb 19, 2016
References: packagingoftheworld
This example of lobster shack branding hails from Armenia and is designed to communicate the essence of the fresh seafood dishes. Designed by a team at Backbone Branding led by Matt Bartelsian, the range of marketing material and in-store decor items are colored with faded red and blue illustrations of the seafood offered on the menu.

The lively and colorful wild seafood illustrations make the restaurant branding seem like something out of Boston and plays up this imagery by presenting a brand narrative for consumers to resonate with. In this case, the story goes that a fisherman who can only afford to serve his dishes in a tiny, unpolished shack, using only his fishing and cooking tools to create the brand experience and restaurant "shack" itself.