- Jul 25, 2016
These memorable examples of social media marketing range from smartphone scavenger hunts to immersive bar events that were promoted with viral hashtags or web-based contests. When examining the realm of experiential retail, notable examples include JCPenny's in-store Pinterest walls that invited shoppers to share their experience via the platform while simultaneously promoting the brand's recent Mother's Day campaign.

When looking at top examples from the food and beverage spheres, standouts include crowdsourced soda flavors -- Mountain Dew's newest flavor was determined with a viral Twitter poll -- along with fan-promoted restaurant openings -- KFC's 'Social Opening' campaign was marketed with a #ViteUnKFC hashtag and invited fans to tweet in order to speed up the grand opening of a specific restaurant location.

Additional examples from the world of entertainment include digitized superhero billboards like an AR-powered Batman vs. Superman advert that allowed fans to transform into their hero of choice while inviting them to share their custom photo with friends online.

From Smartphone Scavenger Hunts to Instagrammable Bar Events: