The #RecognizePotential Campaign Encourages Teens to Graduate

This past summer, Taco Bell launched a social media campaign called '#RecognizePotential' that aimed to inspire the next generation of leaders. Teens make up a significant portion of Taco Bell's customer base, therefore this campaign aimed to engage teens by supporting them in a common goal.

The cornerstone of the #RecognizePotential campaign was the idea that a teen's potential is wasted when they don't graduate from high school. In order to remedy the problem, Taco Bell called on teens across the country to share and celebrate their potential via social media. In addition to raising awareness online, Taco Bell also celebrated National Graduation Day by giving away free tacos to high school graduates. The final aspect of the campaign was a competition, whereby teens were asked to share their stories in order to be features in a virtual yearbook shown on billboards in New York City's Times Square.

The comprehensive campaign demonstrates how brands can engage with teens both online and offline by supporting them in a specific goal such as receiving their high school diploma.