- Aug 17, 2017
These bi-cultural marketing innovations range from immersive tequila tastings to Latina parenting magazines that target Millennial women living in North America. Standouts in the realm of pop culture, fashion, and beauty include influencer Karen Monserrat's recent partnership with Dove. The Mexican-American blogger, who is based in San Diego teamed up with the inclusive brand to promote its Dermacare Scalp line. The ad features a vlog-inspired format and targets a Spanish-speaking audience in an authentic and honest way.

Other notable examples in the realm of food and beverage include Cerveza Tecate's anti-abuse campaign which educates audiences about treating women right. Addressing a topic that is seldom covered in most beer ads -- campaigns stereotypically associated with hyper-masculinity -- this commercial promotes an inclusive message while sharing the same values as Tacate's target audience.

When it comes to food marketing, notables include Taco Bell's mysterious menu promotions, Chipotle's rewarding mobile game app, and Hershey's festive chocolate branding which pays homage to Mexico's Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebration.

From Immersive Tequila Events to Cultural Parenting Magazines: