The Demi Lovato Mobile Game Chronicles a User's Path to Stardom

 - May 4, 2016
'Path to Fame' is a Demi Lovato mobile game that was created in partnership with tech developer Episode Interactive. Chronicling a user's journey to stardom, the smartphone game will appeal to the singer's young fans and features the same personalized elements as similar apps on the market including Kim Kardashian's widely popular 'Kim Kardashian Hollywood' game.

Since its release, Kardashian's app has inspired countless copycats, including those by the star's socialite sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner and pop star Katy Perry. This Demi Lovato mobile game is another app that draws inspiration from an iconic predecessor and features options like chic outfit changes, character customization and even romance. The app also lets users travel worldwide and visit concert destinations alongside Demi who joins them as a virtual character.

A favorite among social media-obsessed tweens, celebrity-branded mobile games connect fans to stars they love in a virtual space.