These Pokemon Go Apps All Resulted From the Viral Video Game Phenomenon

 - Jul 30, 2016
From augmented reality history apps that use Pokémon to teach users about Moscow to romantic anime apps for love-seeking game players, these Pokemon Go apps have all emerged as spin-offs of the popular gaming app.

Many of these Pokemon Go apps are centered around connecting with other game enthusiasts, whether as a walking buddy or a like-minded soulmate. Several dating apps have sprung up around this idea, or have introduced a feature encouraging users to go on Pokémon-catching dates. This illustrates how the AR app is bringing people together in real life over a shared interest.

Other apps use an interest in catching Pokémon as a launching pad for a something entirely different. This includes local history education. Of course, many apps exist just to enhance the player's performance on the original game.

These similar apps are all examples of jumping on the bandwagon or striking when the iron is hot. Initial interest may be high, but not a long-term success.