From Loch Ness Steepers to Monster-Inspired Burger Lamps

 - Aug 6, 2016
Monster-Inspired concepts are nothing new; ghoulish characters have appeared in classic Gothic horror reads like Frankenstein and historical fairy tales always seem to have the inclusion of monsters. In today's world, the idea of monsters extends past simple stories and can be translated into things like tea steepers and lamps.

Soho Design Shop did actually create a cute silicon tea infuser shaped as the Loch Ness monster and dubbed it the 'Baby Nessie' steeper. On the other side of the world, Japanese fashion brand UNDERCOVER used the concept of monsters in a different way and took the classic American hamburger and turned into into a cute but creepy monster lamp.

It seems monster-inspired ideas extend past continental boundaries. Monsters continue to intrigue the masses which explains why the children's movie 'Monsters Inc.' is so popular or why dressing up for Halloween seems to be enjoyable for even adults.