Solid Skateboards' Godzilla Skate Deck Honors the Iconic Creature

European skateboard industry veteran Dave the Chimp aims to share the original and rebellious spirit of skate culture with the release of this villainous skate deck. As a tribute to one of the most iconic film monsters to date, this extremely graphic board features Godzilla.

Dave the Chimp, who specializes in graphic art and works as a graffiti writer, partnered with Solid Skateboards to create this visual masterpiece. While skate culture is still a popular subgroup, the skateboarding legend wants today's skateboarders to grasp a bit of the grit and roughness that is retro skate culture.

Creating a fun collection of decks for kids, Dave the Chimp developed the Godzilla skate deck as an eight-inch board made from seven-ply Canadian maple. The skate deck features the Japanese monster spewing people, tanks, trains and whales.