These Illustrations Combine Two Spooky Halloween Ghouls Into One Monster

 - Oct 24, 2015
References: iguanamouth.tumblr & designtaxi
Illustrator Lawren Dawson created a monster mashup series, which combines two Halloween ghouls into one comical character. The images are drawn with the head of a classic creature or monster in the left hand corner, and one in the right. In the middle of the page, the hybrid of the two monsters is creatively illustrated.

Below each new monster there is a name, which simply combines the names of the two Halloween ghouls that were used to create the hybrid. There is also a small sentence that lists the abilities of the mashup monster.

For example, one image combines a werewolf and mummy to create a "warewummy." The monster is said to have the ability to set off allergies. Each image uses clever puns that bring a bit of comic relief to the creepy festivities of Halloween.