From Convenient Sushi Carts to Wedding Photography Guides

 - Nov 29, 2015
These November 2015 lifestyle trends range from convenient sushi carts to wedding photography guides that show couples what types of images will garner the most likes on social media channels.

When looking at modern weddings, unconventional themes and decor items are not the only way to make one's big day authentic and different. The month's most memorable wedding dresses don't limit themselves to a all-white palette and instead feature moodier and darker tones while borrowing their inspiration from popular culture.

These November 2015 lifestyle trends also include food examples like mobile dining kiosks that defy convention. Whether serving oven-baked pizzas, sushi dishes or superfood snacks on the go, these food trucks are more elevated than the classic fast food kiosk one may find at a theme park or community event.