This Piece of Carlsberg Bar Art is Made of Laser-Sliced Pieces of Plywood

 - Oct 14, 2015
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Creative agency 'Wonderland' commissioned Cotter and Frederiksberg Tomreren to construct this massive piece of Carlsberg bar art. The brand-specific sculpture was designed to imitate the movement of pouring a beer.

A laser cutter was used to give each piece of plywood a smooth finish. Many of the pieces are made to look like soft waves or rippling water. In the center of the sculpture is the brand's name. The intricately cut pieces of wood allow the letters of the word "Carlsberg" to appear as though they are emerging from a pool of liquid. This unique piece of Carlsberg bar art is a creative tribute to brand's iconic brewing company.

This incredibly detailed piece of work is made with 160 laser-cut pieces of wood. The one-of-a-kind sculpture can be seen on display behind the bar of the Hall of Carlsberg in Copenhagen.