From Pocket Cocktail Kits to Italian Homebrewery Branding

 - Nov 29, 2015
The top November 2015 drinking trends showcase a number of progressions in drinking culture that point to evolving consumer expectations.

Lumos, a new bar in New York City, is aiming to bring baijiu, the infamously hard to drink Chinese liquor, to America. The intriguing baijiu specialty bar will feature its own housemade variety of the liquor, while the menu boasts a number of baijiu-based cocktails, such as the bell pepper martini and tamarind daiquiri.

Additionally, AM New York prepared a handy guide to Halloween wine and candy pairings. Suggesting Kit Kat with pinot noir and candy corn with white wine, the helpful guide is sure to make for an adult-friendly seasonal celebration.

The top November 2015 drinking trends speak to a variety of drinking innovations, including but not limited to a consumer desire for experience-based drinking occasions.