Tsikoudia is a Uniquely Bottled Offering from a Cyprus Winery

 - Oct 13, 2015
References: lovelypackage
Tsikoudia is an offering from a Cyprus winery that features a slightly unconventional bottle. Described by Manousakis Winery as "a distillate made from the marc of their Roussanne grapes," the product is branded with alchemist-inspired imagery that underlines the longstanding history of the beverage on the island of Crete. Tsikoudia is an ancient beverage enjoyed for centuries on the island as an aperitif and boasting alleged healing powers.

Tsikoudia is packaged in apothecary-style medicine bottles that feature bright yellow labels brandishing the Manousakis Winery logo and accompanying information. The vibrant labels include a graphical depiction of the Minotaur planting a labyrinth vineyard formation while wearing a traditional Cretan costume. The recipe for Tsikoudia has remained a local secret as long as it has been enjoyed.