This Creamy Dairy Beverage is Infused with Fresh Coffee

'Lewis Road Creamery' recently released a creamy dairy beverage that is infused with fresh coffee. Although many people prefer adding cream to their morning cup of joe, few people add coffee to their dairy products. This decadent drink puts a fresh spin on the traditional glass of milk.

Lewis Road Creamery's newest dairy beverage is specially designed to mimic the taste of coffee. To make the specialty milk, the company partnered with popular New Zealand coffee brand 'Coffee Supreme.' Together the two companies selected a blend of three Brazillian coffees for the flavored milk. The beans are roasted by Coffee Supreme and then gently warmed with Lewis Road Creamery's Premium Whole Milk. Finally, the product is sweetened with organic coconut sugar before being pasteurized and bottled. The result is a creamy flavored milk that features the rich taste of fresh coffee.

For those who prefer a more traditional kind of flavored milk, Lewis Road Creamery also produces vanilla and chocolate varieties.