The Keurig KOLD System Expands from Sodas to Cold Brew Blends

 - Oct 6, 2015
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The Keurig KOLD is a cold brewing system that is designed to fit the whole family's needs. In addition to being ideal for soda and iced tea creations, the soon-to-be-released system is also perfect for creating iced coffee blends.

Though iced coffee is a summer favorite for many, it is also becoming more common year-round. Instead of spending money at their local coffee shops, java lovers can now create and enjoy their very own cold brews at home or in the office.

Unlike Keurig's existing devices, the Keurig KOLD specializes in chilled beverages and will appeal to those with an affinity for iced drinks. In addition to its diverse soda options that one will be able to make at home, the system is also expanding to offer caffeinated options.