These Eco-Friendly Pods are Made from Plant Fibers and Starch

The 'Ethical Coffee Company' developed a compostable coffee pod that is made from plant fibers and starch. In recent years, many consumers have begun questioning the environmental impact of single-serve coffee makers. These biodegradable coffee capsules allow consumers to enjoy single-serve coffee without harming the environment in the process.

The Ethical Coffee Company has designed a way to produce biodegradable coffee pods that are made from plant fibers. While traditional coffee capsules are difficult to recycle, the pods produced by the Ethical Coffee Company are designed to break down naturally after approximately six months of use. When a consumer is finished using the pod, they simply throw it out with other organic waste. Compostable capsules provide a better solution for reducing household waste because they eliminate the complicated process of recycling.

The company ultimately hopes to preserve the convenience of single-serve brewers, but reduce the production of household waste at the same time.