SolaBev's Single-Serve Coffee Pods Reduce Environmental Waste

Since many single-serve coffee pods are unrecyclable and eventually end up occupying space in landfills, SolaBev developed a solution that increases practicality and decreases waste. SolaBev's coffee pod for ready-to-brew beverage systems recently made its debut at the Specialty Coffee Association of America trade show, aiming to revolutionize the way consumers prepare and dispose of single-serve coffee pods.

The pod was developed so that specialty coffee roasters could offer their own products in a single-serve format. Each capsule is able to brew 20 ounces of coffee, tea and other heated beverages per serving. So far, Thrive Farmers, Salt Spring Coffee and Coda Coffee have signed on for the launch of these pods.

Recycling aside, the main way SolaBev differentiates itself from Keurig is by tailoring its pods for use in offices, restaurants and hospitality environments, versus the home.