Club Coffee has Developed a Fully Compostable Coffee Pod

 - May 5, 2015
References: clubcoffee & solidwastemag
In an effort to combat rising waste from single-serve coffee pods, the Canadian company Club Coffee has just released Pü̃rPod100, which is the world's first fully compostable coffee pod. Developed by international experts and researchers at Canada's University of Guelph, the coffee pod is made entirely from renewable, bio-based materials. Compatible with most Keurig devices, the Pü̃rPod100 coffee pods are uniquely designed to allow for bacterial to digest the materials, and to ensure 100 % composition.

The Pü̃rPod100 seeks to offer a more environmentally friendly alternative to current plastic, single serve coffee pods, which have been heavily criticized for their excessive amounts of waste. According to the CEO of Club Coffee, John Pigott, there is high demand for alternative coffee pods, as he explains, "the amount of used single-serve pods sent into the waste stream last year could have circled the earth 11 times."

While not currently available, the Pü̃rPod100 compostable coffee pods are expected to be on the market by the fall of 2015, and their introduction could amount to a major shift among other single serve coffee pod producers.