This Brewing Chamber from the Whiskey Still Company is Handcrafted

Some people like to make their own wine or brew their own beer, but for those who prefer whiskey there's the option to make your own with a kit from the Whiskey Still Company. This 10-gallon chamber will produce roughly two to four gallons of delicious booze once ready and is entirely handcrafted using copper.

While this still from the Whiskey Still Company might seem rather simple, the versatility is truly endless with the ability to not only brew whiskey, but also Bourbon, Cognac, Schnapps, Tequila, Vodka, Scotch and even Moonshine, if the mood strikes. Depending on the amount of time you let it sit, this still from the Whiskey Still Company will provide tasty beverages for years to come and even features a built-in thermometer to keep track of the temperature.