- Apr 8, 2016
From all-inclusive mason jar gardening sets to fermentation kits that enable the making of delicious at-home sauerkraut, culinary DIY kits are available for almost every beverage, spirit, garden-grown produce and condiment. The obsession with DIY culture and locally sourced, fresh foods has led to consumers taking things into their own hands.

Etsy's UrbanCheesecraft sells a dairy-free cheesemaking set that makes producing vegan cheese alternatives at-home easy and convenient. The set enables users to create vegan cheeses from a bean, nut or veggie base in approximately 20-minutes.

Separately, the Sauerkraut Fermentation Kit from Kraut Source includes everything you need to begin creating your own probiotic-rich fermented foods at home, a process that is quite easy once you have all the necessary ingredients.

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