This DIY Kit is Designed for Wood-Aging Spirits and Wine

 - Dec 29, 2015
References: & kickstarter
Whiskey Lab is a DIY kit that can be used for wood-aging spirits and wine at home. The rising popularity of craft beer has seen a similar interest in homemade spirits. In keeping with the craft distilling revolution, Whiskey Lab gives consumers an easy way to age their spirits at home.

Whiskey is traditionally aged in barrels in order to give the drink a complex flavor and aroma. Whisky Lab allows consumers to repeat the same process at home by scaling down a 50 gallon barrel. The Whiskey Lab vessel breathes the same way as a real barrel in order to mimic the aging process. The vessel is designed for easy use and allows users to control the wood type, toast and char. After aging, the barrel can double as a convenient serving vessel.

The DIY kit allows for wood-aging spirits and wine in the comfort of one's own home.