This Pint-Sized Wooden Barrel Ages Whiskey, Wine & Spirits in Mere Hours

 - Nov 24, 2015
References: kickstarter
This DIY oak whiskey barrel ages spirits, wine and whiskey to improve their quality and taste without adding to their price tag. 'The Mighty Pint' is a miniature whiskey barrel that ages whiskey in just two to four weeks in your own home. It can also age wine in just three to five days and cocktails in mere hours, in preparation for a party.

A fun gift for whiskey connoisseurs, the oak whiskey barrel comes in an interactive DIY kit, providing the owner with something to do before they have something to sip. The steps are simple to build it; assemble the pieces, hydrate the barrel and then drain, fill and wait. Making every Old Fashioned, whiskey tumbler or glass of wine more delicious, the kit is great to have in the party pantry.