The Shroombox by Fungaea Will Help You Grow Fresh Ingredients at Home

 - Feb 10, 2015
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The Shroombox by Fungaea kit will make it easy for even the gardening adverse to get their hands dirty with urban farming.

The Shroombox by Fungaea kit is easy to go and ready upon arrival, producing fresh oyster mushrooms in under two weeks, and the product boasts eco-friendly packaging in the form of a 100% recyclable inner bag and an outer box made from locally sourced recycled coffee grounds.

In addition to oyster mushrooms, Fungaea also offers organic sprout kits. The Shroombox by Fungaea is a great introduction to the growing locavore movement and could serve as important inspiration in starting a full, farm-fresh urban garden at home.

Symbolic of their dedication to nature, five trees are planted in Madagascar through partner Eden Reforestation Projects for each Fungaea kit sold.