This Kit Will Help You Make Your Own Tonic Water at Home

 - Jul 17, 2015
References: food52
This innovative tonic water set is exactly the crop of tools to take your gin and tonic bar to the next level. Designed for the discerning cocktail drinker, the at-home kit is perfect for those looking to avoid sugar-filled store-bought varieties. The kit includes enough ingredients for approximately 30 to 60 tonic waters.

The tonic water kit comes with lemongrass, citric acid, whole allspice, cubeb pepper and cinchona officinalis. The real ingredients lend themselves to the perfect tonic water blend that in turn will enrich the flavor of your cocktail.

Such DIY kits speaks to the growing craft cocktail culture especially popular with millennials, while also being representative of the progression of maker culture and its relation to the quality of food and beverage.