The Chambong is Designed to Shotgun the Luxurious Bubbly

 - Oct 8, 2015
References: shopchambong & ohgizmo
Most champagne glasses tend to be designed to emphasize the luxurious nature of the alcoholic beverage with a tall stem and fluke usually made from quality glass or crystal. However the Chambong glasses have another focus entirely in mind with a fluke design that allows the drinker to chug the champagne like they would a beer. This creative take subverts traditional high class notions surrounding champagne by turning it into a fun drinking game.

Chambong is a curved champagne fluke that allows the drinker to chug their glass of bubbly as fast as they can. The glassware features a V-shaped design with the cup at the top that sharply tilts in the stem immediately flooding the drinker's mouth with the liquid forcing them to chug it in one go.