From Organic Celebrity Cosmetics to Synthpop Songstress Cosmetics

 - Apr 3, 2016
From cobranded eyeshadow collections to rapper-inspired designer lipsticks, celeb cosmetics product launches are not exactly new, but are surely influenced by the new social media economy.

Kylie Jenner's recent launch of her matte lipsticks and additional glossy range has gained massive attention given how hard it is to get your hands on it. All of Jenner's releases have sold out in mere minutes so far, proving that in addition to having star power, having a direct connection with fans to find out what kind of products they seek is a winning (and ultramodern) strategy in developing a makeup line.

Separately, Dolce & Gabbana recently released a limited edition lipstick inspired by iconic Italian actress Sophia Loren, who starred in the brand's stunning campaign for the product.