This Unique Wine Bar Serves Red, White and Rose from the Tap

 - Oct 6, 2015
References: frizzenti & foodbev
'Frizzenti' opened a unique wine bar that exclusively serves wine on draught. Although many consumers are accustomed to having their beer poured from a tap, it is unusual to have wine served in the same manner. This unusual establishment specializes in serving high-quality wine straight from the tap.

The 'Fizz!' bar is located in the city of Birmingham and it is the first bar of its kind in the UK. The unique wine bar specializes in serving sparkling and still wine straight from the tap. In addition to serving cocktails and Peroni beer, the bar has white, red and rose on draught. While bottled wine suffers from oxidization when opened, wine served from a tap stays fresh. The system thus provides a unique way of preventing oxygen from spoiling the wine. The use of a draught system also helps bartenders serve customers quickly and more efficiently.

The Fizz! bar provides a unique way for consumers to enjoy a glass of high-quality wine on a night out.