The La Maison Bleue Cafe Combines an Eatery, a Bar and a Quaint Cafe

 - Oct 4, 2015
References: & michaelmalapert
Interior architect Michael Malapert designed this Parisian cafe called La Maison Bleue, which combines three drastically different elements. By fusing together a cafe, a bar and a home dining experience, La Maison Bleue exudes experiential dining.

The entire cafe from the interior to the exterior exudes a cozy, holiday-inspired warmth. The use of the color blue is consistent throughout the design, which is also reflective in the name. There is a large bookcase inside the dining room and the chairs are all mixed and matched, ranging from traditional dining chairs to rocking chairs. Additionally, there are neon signs, an incredibly stocked bar and an open-concept kitchen to create a pub-style area.

The ultimate goal is to create a restaurant that contains something for everyone. Michael Malapert wanted to create a place where locals could relax and tourists could enjoy as well.