- Feb 16, 2016
From virtual customization kiosks that allow consumers to personalize the products they are buying to hybrid sneaker shops that satisfy hungry shoppers, there is a clear shift towards diversified retail. In other words brands are increasingly expanding in-store services to draw consumers in and make sure they stay for longer periods of time.

For many brands, new technology can be a useful way of complementing existing in-store services. For example, Rite Aid's HealthSpot Stations help turn the pharmacy into a virtual clinic where patients can speak to certified physicians. In a similar vein, Staples has been testing 3D printing kiosks to give tech-savvy consumers a new reason to visit its stores.

Of course, not all in-store offerings are designed to complement existing services. In some cases, brands have upgraded their stores with unexpected services such as food outlets simply to improve the in-store experience for the consumer. Some unexpected instances of diversified retail include Topshop's in-store donut kiosks, KNOCK Kitchen & Kicks hybrid bistro-sneaker concept and Family Mart's self-service karaoke booths.

From Virtual Customization Kiosks to Hybrid Bistro-Sneaker Shops: