This Quaint Istanbul Bookshop Has a Cafe and Swingsets

 - Oct 5, 2015
This charming Istanbul bookshop dedicated to photography and art books doubles as a quaint, welcoming cafe. In addition to a coffee bar, cafe seating and shelves of contemporary art publications, FiL Books also has several swing seats suspended from the ceiling offering patrons a new way to peruse the material.

FiL Books was designed by Hal√ľkar Architecture, who created a retail space spread across four floors that comprised a kitchen, workspace and room for storage in addition to the bookshop and cafe space. The unique multifaceted Istanbul bookshop was designed to make optimal use of each and every square centimeter.

An example of hybrid retail spaces that seek to serve as community hubs rather as mere retail outposts, FiL Books demonstrates how a few aesthetic elements can make for an upleveled consumer experience.