Japan Duty Free Ginza is an Airport-Style Shop Inside a Department Store

What's significant about the Japan Duty Free Ginza store is that it's a duty-free shop that's not situated in an airport, but a Mitsukoshi Ginza department store. This retail space sells items from upscale fashion brands like Valentino and Saint Laurent, as well as an assortment of traditional crafts and souvenir items. In the style of other duty-free stores, items purchased in this location are exempt from consumption taxes and duties at customs.

In order to cater specifically to foreign travelers, the shop makes it possible for people to arrange for their purchases to be sent to a Japanese airport upon their departure. Japanese residents are also able to purchase items from the store if they have plans to leave the country within a month.

Prior to the introduction of Japan Duty Free Ginza, the only place in Japan that was permitted to operate these kind of duty-free shops was Okinawa, which is known for attracting a high number of tourists.