From Edible Travel Guides to Ultramodern Hotel Amenities

 - Mar 13, 2016
The top March 2016 travel ideas highlight a number of innovations related to the process of traveling, from the planning stages to what you'll need in the field.

One notable innovation related to travel is the edible tourism guides offered by Silesia and Katowice, two regions of Poland. The unique chocolate travel guide takes a more delicious approach to geography that will be especially successful with young children looking for something to keep them busy during the long car ride.

Separately, Hotel Cappuccino located in Seoul's Nonhyeon-Dong neighborhood is designed for the traveler of the future and boasts an incredible program that allows guests to forward unused amenities. The Earn & Giveaway program allows guests to re-purpose their unused amenities by donating them to a charity or into a pool for future guests.