This Tourist Attraction Forces Visitors to Focus on Nature

 - Jan 25, 2016
References: archdaily & fastcoexist
Rick Chen recently revealed designs for a proposed tourist center that would force visitors to focus on nature or else risk their life trying to take the perfect selfie.

Rick Chen came up with the idea for this unusual visitor center after observing many tourists trying to capture Instagram-worthy photos instead of paying attention to the beauty of nature. To combat this habit, Chen came up with the design for a installation that would force visitors to focus on nature instead of their smartphones. The installation would consist of a narrow platform overlooking a Norwegian fjord. The entire platform would be flooded with water, save for a small pathway leading to an observation point. If visitors stop to take a selfie along the path they could be putting their life at risk.

While Chen's approach may seem over-the-top, his designs ultimately demonstrate an effort to reshape how modern consumers relate to nature. As Chen explains, "It's all about placing ourselves rightfully in relation to nature, where us people are truly small and vulnerable beings amongst something far above and beyond."