Rite Aid's HealthSpot Stations Provide Instant Medical Consultations

 - Apr 7, 2015
References: healthspot.net & darkdaily
The travel and time that goes into visiting doctors and collecting prescriptions is much less of a hassle thanks to Rite Aid's HealthSpot kiosks. These in-store telemedicine stations are now being tested in Ohio, providing a way for patients and medical professionals to connect in a secure environment. Patients are able to sit down in an enclosed booth and speak directly with a certified physician via video conference for a session that will cost between $60 and $80. In total, these consultations tend to last about 15 minutes, which also cuts down on time spent waiting to see a medical professional.

As well as two-way cameras, these stations are also equipped with tools like blood pressure cuffs and stethoscopes, which are operated by the patient with any guidance as needed. Most commonly, concerns like the cold, flu, skin issues, allergies and earaches are dealt with.