The Savse Smoothies are Freshly Squeezed & Bottled Health-Boosters

 - Sep 28, 2015
References: savsesmoothies & thedieline
The Savse Smoothies are a delicious source of iron and a great way to acheieve overall health benefits. The idea for these smoothies was inspired by the co-founder's mother, who was diagnosed with an iron deficiency and her child grew up with the need for specialized drinks.

The original smoothies were made with the combination of fresh fruits and vegetables, so the brand decided to actually bottle and serve these delicious smoothies. The colorful assortment brings an eye-pleasing aesthetic to the entire collection as well as defining the vast variety of flavors.

Each bottle of the Savse Smoothies is labeled with an illustrated portrait of the co-founder's mother, which creates an honorable tribute to the origin of the iron-boosting drinks. The brand states that it will "never settle for anything unhealthy, heat-pasteurized or with added sugar."