James Stumpf Designed this Motorbike Concept to Eliminate Hubcaps

 - Oct 28, 2015
References: yankodesign
Designer James Stumpf created this one-of-a-kind motorcycle called the ‘Honda CB160E.’ This modernized version of the Honda 160 is a tribute to the classic bike.

While this version is a conceptual idea, the modern electric engine makes this bike an eco-conscious design that could prove to be a worthy blueprint for a future motorcycle. A few of the upgraded features incorporated into this particular concept include the "electronic twist throttle and electronic twist brakes." The entire design has been focused around the solid hub motor body. The Dual MagDrive Wheels are estimated to reach "100 miles per hour at a top distance of 160 miles."

The combination of retro and futuristic designs is a delightfully modern aesthetic that resembles a sci-fi form of transportation. James Stumpf hopes to move forward with this design and have the bike available for consumer purchase in 2016.