From Niche Menswear Shops to British Heritage Outerwear

 - Jan 31, 2016
These 2015 fashion for men trends range from exclusive menswear e-retailers to streetwear collections that are an homage to glam rock from the 70s. In addition to the year's memorable runway presentations -- ranging from the daring to the debonair -- other notable examples include watches, sneakers and wallets that marry style with function.

When examining the year's more daring fashion offerings, a focus is put on male makeup looks as well as wearable art garments that are solely designed for aesthetic purposes. While these examples may lack practicality, the fashion industry is once again embracing artistry and exuberance rather than solely focusing on profit.

Other 2015 fashion for men standouts include unisex examples that blur gender lines along with stylish performance wear that makes fitness activities a stylish affair.

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