F****** Young! Online's Dismissed Shoot Embodies Alternative Style

Joe Quintana stars in 'Dismissed,' F****** Young! Online's hoodlum photography feature. The image series embodies an alternative fashion aesthetic and borrows from rebellious street styles that are worn by hip hop and grunge music fans.

From its bedazzled skimask accessories to its over-sized grunge apparel, this hoodlum photography feature sets a comfortable and effortlessly cool tone for the season ahead. The image series highlights daring and carefree fashions and proves that not trying pays off when aiming to look cool.

Photographed by Marcelo Chavira, this F****** Young! Online editorial highlights designer looks from Calvin Klein, Dior Homme and Cravioto among other names. These pieces are handpicked by wardrobe stylist Kristhian Cravioto who opts for a blend of contemporary and nostalgic menswear styles.

Image Credit: Marcelo Chavira