The AmpStrip is Being Repackaged For Medical Applications

 - Oct 16, 2015
References: indiegogo & engadget
The AmpStrip is a highly innovative wearable medical device that comes equipped with a thermometer, accelerometer and heart rate sensor. Somehow, the entire package is stuffed into a thin strip no thicker than a band-aid.

Interestingly, the AmpStrip was initially conceived by its manufacturer FitLinxx as being more of a fitness tracking solution. However, it is now being repackaged for medical applications.

Whatever the application, the fact of the matter is that this wearable device is designed to cater to a specific and niche market. As more and more general purpose wearable devices flood the market, there is an increasing amount of room for devices catering towards people with specific desires and utility needs.

With its simple, low-payload design and versatile functionality, the AmpStrip is carving out a niche for itself in the medical wearable device market.