These Ideas Link Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Health

 - Feb 3, 2016
With the ability to produce extremely lifelike simulations and enhance navigation, a number of emerging technologies are now redefining the relationships between virtual reality, augmented reality and health.

In order to help the public get a better grasp on the importance of preventative health measures, there are now products like the R70i Aging Experience, which simulates old age, or the Future Self Mirror, which provides uses predictive software to visualize what a user will look like if unhealthy habits are not reshaped.

Beyond the potential to assist with physical tasks like hospital surgeries and home workouts, a combination of augmented and virtual technologies are also being put in place to ensure mental wellness. In practice, this tech is now being used in addiction treatments, therapy sessions and exercises to help children who are confined to hospital beds experience the world outside of them.