These 3D-Rendered Parts Help Doctors Manipulate Medical Imaging

 - Aug 22, 2015
References: echopixeltech & psfk
'EchoPixel' is now using 3D-rendered parts to help doctors manipulate medical imaging with virtual reality technology. While 3D printing has been used to make many consumer products, the technology also holds great promise for the medical community. EchoPixel is taking advantage of 3D-printed parts to help doctors learn more about the human body.

Currently doctors rely on flat images, which they must mentally convert into three-dimensional renderings of human organs. To help doctors better understand the images they are working with, EchoPixel created a unique system that combines virtual reality technology with 3D-rendered parts. This kind of system allows doctors to manipulate medical imaging and examine a patient's organ as a 3D mass. The technology ultimately allows doctors to get a better understanding of what the issue is before ever opening the patient up.