NHS Blood and Transplant's Donation Ad Interactively Builds Awareness

 - May 19, 2016
References: nhsbt.nhs.uk & eventmagazine
In order to encourage people in the UK to give blood, NHS Blood and Transplant set up a dynamic augmented reality donation ad. The awareness-raising advertisement takes the form of an interactive billboard that allows people to virtually "donate" blood just by using a smartphone.

When the companion AR app is opened, members of the public are able to stick a virtual needle and patch onto their arm, as if to draw blood. The simulation completes the "donation" by filling up a blood bag graphic on-screen that is pictured beside a patient in need.

While this experience may not be for the squeamish, it is an effective way for NHS Blood and Transplant to reach potential donors—approximately 200,000 new donors are needed every year.