From Smart Beer Kiosks to AR Blood Donation Billboards

 - Jul 31, 2016
From virtual reality farm tours to augmented blood donation billboards, the top June 2016 interactive ideas showcase the ways brands are successfully engaging consumers, whether in the physical or digital realm.

Kicking off its #StartFooding campaign, Swedish furniture retailer IKEA recently hosted a pop-up in Toronto that included an innovative smart shopping experience and the chance to try the brand's famous meatballs and the new vegan alternative. Upon arrival, guests were given a wooden spoon with an RFID chip inside, which individuals could then tap display items with in order to add the product to their "carts."

Meanwhile, McDonald's UK has launched a consumer VR experience that transports viewers to the farms on which the brand sources its food products. The intriguing campaign is one of many that sees brands working hard to help consumers make the connection between product and natural cultivation.