McDonald's 'McTrax' Tray Liners are Smartphone-Connected Music Stations

 - May 3, 2016
References: & adweek
As well as serving as a protective sheets for fast food trays, the newest tray liners from McDonald's boast some entertaining qualities.

'McTrax' is a paper placement that can be connected to one's smartphone so that with a companion app, fast food consumers can also become music producers. With McTrax, a diner at McDonald's can press the mat's conductive ink buttons in order to play synths, special effects and make their own voice recordings. The 26 interactive points on the paper sheet are powered by just a small battery and circuit boat.

Other fast food brands have also experimented with ideas that are similar to McTrax from McDonald's. For instance, KFC launched the Tray Typer keyboard and Giraffas turned its fast food trays into virtual soccer fields for the World Cup.