From Floral Coffee Branding to See-Through Seafood Containers

 - Jul 3, 2016
The June 2016 packaging trends reveal that brand are interesting in using cleaner and more natural designs to try and appeal to consumers. Instead of opting for vibrant colors and over-the-top images, there has been a clear shift towards softer, more subtle packaging that is easy on the eyes.

One way brands are attempting to make their products stand out is through the use of packaging that conveys freshness. One example of this approach is the fruity pastel designs that Noa Skincare uses to appeal to millennial consumers. Another example is Roastorium coffee packaging, which uses soft floral shapes that allude to the coffee plant itself.

As the June 2016 packaging trends reveal, softer designs not only convey freshness, but they are also used to allude to the shift away from chemical ingredients. This is particularly true of food products that are directed towards health-conscious consumers. Some examples of packaging used to promote more natural food products includes see-through seafood containers, colorful yogurt cups and boldly hued nut butter jars.