The New Diet Coke Cans Feature Characters from 'Absolutely Famous'

 - May 14, 2016
References: coca-cola & campaignlive
Coca-Cola recently unveiled a line of limited-edition diet coke cans branded with cartoon images of characters from the BBC sitcom 'Absolutely Famous.' The new packaging is designed to promote the upcoming movie-version of the show, which is due to premier on July 1st.

The new Diet Coke cans cleverly pay homage to the famous British sitcom with cartoon images of lead characters Edina and Patsy. The show was wildly popular in the 1990s, giving the packaging a nostalgic feel that is likely to appeal to older consumers. Additionally, the release of the new movie will introduce a whole new generation to the characters, meaning Cola-Cola can easily target two key demographics simultaneously. As Bobby Brittain of Coca-Cola Great Britain explains, "Many of our Diet Coke drinkers grew up watching the iconic British comedy on television so we feel very excited about the collaboration."